Philips Dynalite RS-485-DMX512 Gateway (DNG485)

Philips Dynalite RS-485-DMX512 Gateway (DNG485)

This product has been discontinued and replaced. The updated version can be found here.


The Philips Dynalite DNG485 is a flexible network communications bridge designed for RS485 networks. The two opto-isolated RS485 ports enable the DNG485 to implement a trunk and spur topology on large project sites, with the bridge providing a high-speed backbone opto-coupled to many lower speed spurs. It also provides isolation of electrical faults to individual spurs and augments network security and robustness through the definition of packet filtering rules for each direction. The DNG485 is capable of routing DyNet to third-party systems, such as audio-visual and building automation systems, providing an integrated approach to total building control and energy management. The DDNG485 has a DMX mode that can transmit or receive up to 64 channels of DMX512, with automatic DyNet conversion and task triggering.

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Dimensions 320 × 225 × 79 mm

Philips Dynalite


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