The Challenge

The Lightmoves team was honoured to be a part of the delivery of eq-Equilibrium, a visionary project conceived by ‘Projects by Crema’ and designed as an innovative and immersive sanctuary for well-being. Eq-Equilibrium required a lighting system that would enhance the overall wellness experience of its visitors and our mission was to deliver a comprehensive lighting controls solution, meticulously programmed to amplify the atmosphere of the space.

Creative Solutions

With the requirements for the lighting being integral to the user wellness experience, Lightmoves provided a multi-tiered integrated networked controls to provide a flexible system that combines DALI, DMX and SPI Pixel luminaires from Lighting Spaces.

The wellness journey commences upon entering the lobby where a serene sea of blue adorns the space and instantly transports  you to a state of calm. The lobby features 1,122 RGBW LED pixels that creates a captivating  canopy of light across a 20-square-metre diffused ceiling. This further extends through discreet strips in the walls for a 360 degree experience.



Lightmoves supplied a Pharos VLC and Advatek SPI pixel drivers to deliver generative dynamic video effects throughout the lobby lighting installation. The subtle highlights and dynamic colour palette mimic the calming progression of a clearing thunderstorm, aligning perfectly with the opening campaign theme, ‘Welcome Chaos’. Wayfinding LED strips guide you with gentle hues that reflect the seasonal theme, ensuring a seamless and soothing experience.

eq-Equilibrium features Australia’s first colour therapy dome that blends dynamic lighting with a bespoke soundscape by Daniel Byrne and Final Sound. This created a multi-layered meditative experience where each hue and note work in harmony to transport you to a state of deep relaxation. Utilising Lightmoves’ theatrical experience and Pharos’ powerful timeline programming, we developed a timed theatrical lighting show to work harmoniously with the auditory experience.

In the Meditative Breathwork Retreat, Thermae, and Cold Passage areas, Rate 1 Electrical implemented a Dynalite control system for DALI lighting which provides both controllable white light and RGBW theming for these areas. This system, integrated with the Pharos control and AV system provided by Zello, offers a single, intuitive interface for the Equilibrium staff, via a Dynalite PDTS Touch Screen for manual control. The scheduling of all of eq’s lighting shows is provided via network integration with a PDEG Dynalite Ethernet Gateway.

Collaborative Approach

Working on this project allowed for some great collaborations and an opportunity to work once more with the project electrician, Rate 1 Electrical who coordinated with Four Seasons commercial Interiors for the lighting installation. Their exceptional finishes fulfilled the vision of Projects by Crema.

In working with the EQ Wellbeing team, their clear communication of the vision of this space allowed us to seamlessly integrate themed lighting with the other AV elements. We’re excited about enhancing the user experience even further in future new seasonal campaigns.

Our Partners

We were so pleased to work with a very talented group of people and would like to pay tribute to the following teams:

  • EQ Wellbeing
  •  Projects by Crema
  • Architect – Kennon
  • Builder – FSCI
  • Electrical Contactor – Rate 1 Electrical
  • Lighting Supplier – Lighting Spaces

“I can attest to Lightmoves being incredible to work with, it all happened seamlessly; we communicated what the brief was and the team added so much insight and value which I found incredibly worthwhile.

Mia Basic- CEO eq-Equilibrium

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