Chase the Train of Lights – SIGHT-SEEING GUIDE

Chase the Train of Lights – SIGHT-SEEING GUIDE
6th July, 2023 Lightmoves

Chase the Puffing Billy Railway: Train of Lights


Here’s a preview of Train of Lights in case you can’t make the real deal!


We hope you have a great time following the Puffing Billy Train of Lights along its journey. Please exercise caution and follow road rules.

Train of Lights departs at 6pm. We advise waiting at Stop 1: Wrights Crossing at 6pm, as travel time for the train after it departs from Lakeside Station towards Wrights Crossing is only 3 minutes.

When using the map below, please note that locations within ORANGE boxes represent stops along the departing journey from Lakeside to Cockatoo. Locations within BLUE boxes represent stops along the return journey from Cockatoo to Gembrook.

First Journey: Lakeside Station towards Gembrook

Stop 1: Wrights Crossing

  • 6PM
  • Wrights Rd & Dalziell Rd and Puffing Billy Line.
  • Just up from Wrights Station.
  • Coordinates: -37.929146, 145.469830


Stop 2: Outside Cockatoo IGA or Peter’s Fish & Chips

  • 24 McBride St, Cockatoo.
  • Alternatively, across the road near Cockatoo Station.
  • Coordinates: -37.93594, 145.49198


Stop 3: Fielders Station

  • Corner of Belgrave Gembrook Road & Doonaha Rd
  • Coordinates: -37.94616275192521, 145.50538972352928


Stop 4: Station St Gembrook

  • Look back to Road Crossing, then as it comes along Station St, follow the train to Main St.
  • Coordinates: -37.948499684737634, 145.53843538657406

Follow the Train of Lights down Station St to Gembrook Station.

  • Approximate time 6.45PM.
  • Coordinates: -37.95219385978724, 145.54948570417076
  • Park your car and come into to the public viewing area to the left of the station if you would like to see the locomotive up close.
  • Fish & Chips, Charcoal Chicken and Pizza are all 100 metres from Gembrook Station if you would like a snack during the interval period.

The train will then return to Lakeside, leaving Gembrook at approximately 7.45pm.


Return journey: Gembrook Station towards Lakeside Station, Emerald

Stop 1 Return: Fielders Bridge

  • Turn at -37.94629926249053, 145.52173585251074.
  • (It looks like a drive way, but we promise it’s a road!)
  • Turn left and drive 50 metres up to:
  • Coordinates: -37.946762333331584, 145.5213755530417
  • Walk under the bridge. Then, look back towards the track and across the paddocks to watch the wombat projections!


Stop 2: Cockatoo CFA

  • CFA Coordinates: -37.93208155247287, 145.49240585832587
  • Park your car at the CFA if they are not there. Aross the road there is a private driveway to a house that crosses the railway.
  • This is good location to see the train come past you and then see it move into the forest.


Final Stop: Puffing Billy Railway Lakeside Visitor Centre

  • Coordinates: -37.930000, 145.460000.
  • This is part of Emerald Lake Park.
  • Train of Lights comes in past the Visitor Centre (black roof) and parks at the Station (red roof).
  • You can view the train from across the lake and then walk across to the station. Or, you can view the train from the Visitor Centre platform, then walk around to the station.
  • Look for the lights – the train will be there until it is shut down.

Look for the friendly Resolution X staff, who will be onsite making sure the event runs smoothly! 


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