Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Lightmoves has been the premier Victorian distributor of lighting control products and solutions for over 34 years.


Lightmoves has forged a reputation for providing sophisticated, simple, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting control & building automation solutions.  Consequently we have helped a wide range of industry sectors including residential, retail, office, hospitality, health & aged care, and public spaces.

Lightmoves - Crown Casino - Lighting Control & Automation - Philips Dynalite

We provide stylish and functional user interfaces from Philips Dynalite and ZenControl



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Energy savings based on lighting control application


Occupancy Sensors 24%
Personal Tuning 31%
Daylight Harvesting 28%
Programmed Scenes 36%
Multiple Strategies 38%


Installing a lighting control solution can save up to 40% of your energy costs. Solutions utilising occupancy detecting sensors, scheduling and daylight harvesting can greatly increase your cost savings.

With a networked lighting control system you can easily and effectively manage and monitor your building’s automation, energy usage and applications throughout a home or office building.

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