Philips Dynalite Colour Touchscreen 4.3″ (DTP100)

Philips Dynalite Colour Touchscreen 4.3″ (DTP100)

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The DTP100 is a feature rich colour LCD touchscreen that uses vivid graphics and sophisticated on-screen controls which allows the Systems Installer to create visually stunning and easy-to-use pages. Control of various equipment such as lighting, AV, security and HVAC can be easily integrated and controlled from the one location. Objects such as logos, buttons, faders, floor plans and diagnostic icons can be placed on pages and used to perform simple and complex conditional logic macros. Pages are created using Philips Dynalite’s touchscreen editor. JavaScript is fully supported.

Incorporating an innovative clip-on fascia capability, the DTP100 fascia accommodates practically any flat architectural surface medium. That gives you the freedom to choose; stainless steel, stone, glass, laminate, wood, vinyl, ceramic; the options are limitless. Fascia material may be matched with Philips Dynalite’s DR2P Revolution series user control panels for perfect colour coordination.

Full internet connectivity is supported. The DTP100 is powered from the DyNet network so does not require a mains voltage supply.

Additional information

Dimensions 88 × 6 × 146 mm

Philips Dynalite


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