Philips Dynalite RS232 Network Gateway (DMNG232)

Philips Dynalite RS232 Network Gateway (DMNG232)

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The Philips Dynalite DMNG232 is designed to enable cost-effective serial port integration between the Philips Dynalite control system and third-party systems such as AV systems, lighting desks, data projectors, HVAC, BMS and security systems. The interface incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller that can process comprehensive conditional and sequential logic and arithmetic functions. A library of data formats is available for the systems integrator to choose from or alternatively, a format can be created using the onboard conditional logic engine to assemble, transmit and receive user-defined data strings. Macro functions are available to simplify the control of multiple devices. The DMNG232 is housed in a small standalone enclosure that is an ideal size for installation behind racked equipment. The device is powered from the DyNet network and does not require to be supplied by mains voltage.

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Dimensions 149 × 79 × 37 mm

Philips Dynalite


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