32 Years of Lightmoves

32 Years of Lightmoves
17th September, 2021 David Brown

Monday this week marked 32 years since Braham and Andrew started Lightmoves as we know it today. Whilst 32 years is not a milestone normally celebrated – it is a long time in anyone’s language. The 30 year anniversary zoomed by with everyone heads down and bums up trying to complete a multitude of projects from LEDs on skyscrapers, Theatrical Lighting and Audio in Performing Arts Centers, LEDs in Tunnels, to Lighting Control in Hotels, Smart Homes, Churches, Shopping Centers, Office Towers, Sports Grounds , Town Halls and the odd Police Station.

In June of 1989 a bunch of geeks at Melbourne University joined Australia to the newly created World Wide Web. The first GPS satellite was launched, Bob Hawke was Prime Minister of Australia, Madonna was expressing herself and Seinfeld was noticing things. A few months later two other blokes in Melbourne found themselves the proud owners of Lightmoves Professional Entertainment Services Pty Ltd. Their plan was for a nice simple high quality Entertainment based sales, service and installation company. In 1989 the technology was Triac dimmers, DMX was pretty new, LEDs were indicator lights on mixers and control gear, moving lights that you could buy were actually moving mirrors and wireless data was still the stuff of science fiction.

To go from where we started and to where technology is now heading and ensuring we stay abreast of leading and bleeding edge technology and continue to be the viable group of business we are today is a testament to grit, determination and the ability and capability of the people in our business. 2021 finds us a little greyer and hopefully a little wiser. The last two years have been a challenge for everyone but we find ourselves here because of the solid foundation that was established over the first thirty years of the business and the growth to what we are today with the three pillars of the business; Lighting Control, LED & Feature and Theatrical lighting and the constant evolution of the now Lightmoves Group of businesses –  Browns Welding for aluminum fabrication and Resolution X for hire and production –as well as Lightmoves manufacture that covers, theatre, architectural, system integration and all kinds of strange things in-between. Who knows where the next 32 minutes, hours, days or years will take us.

Whilst our preference would have been for a champagne celebration, we were just as happy with sausage rolls, fairy bread and cocktail frankfurts with our staff.

If you want to explore some of the past 32 years of Lightmoves projects check them out here.

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