Philips Dynalite Hotel Room Controller Dimming (DDMC-GRMS)

Philips Dynalite Hotel Room Controller Dimming (DDMC-GRMS)

The Philips Dynalite DDMC-GRMS is a general room automation and energy management system. Allowing for a range of output modules, the compact unit delivers the ultimate in room comfort through seamless control of lighting, curtains and blinds, as well as limiting standby current consumption from electronic devices connected to power outlets.

  • Modular controller – Leading and trailing edge dimming modules, signal dimming modules and relay control modules available.
  • Built-in motor directional relays – Provides control of motorized blinds for a full automation solution.
  • Pre-programmed – No programming required as the unit is supplied with complex functions such as ‘master on/off’, ‘room unoccupied’, ‘do not disturb’ or ‘make up room’ already configured. The device can be reconfigured to meet any project requirements.
  • Three switching channels – Provide additional on/off control of other lighting fixture types.
  • One 16 A power relay – Enables a total energy management solution, reducing standby power consumption by switching power outlets.
  • Single box solution – Provides an economical total energy management solution.
  • Built-in sequential logic functionality – Allows intelligent responses to programmed triggers.

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Dimensions 150 × 94 × 75 mm

Philips Dynalite


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