ShowPRO Shark Hybrid (IP65)

ShowPRO Shark Hybrid (IP65)

The ShowPro Shark Hybrid is a 480W discharge fixture, with IP65 rating. It produces a bright defined beam but also has the versatility of 19 fixed gobos, 8 interchangeable rotating gobos, a 4 and 8 facet prism and CMY & 15 colour correction filters. This flexibility makes it a great option for concert stages, community and outdoor events.

  • Extremely high output of 20000 lux @ 50 meters
  • Hybrid beam, spot, wash in a compact IP rated package
  • Three-wheel CMY colour mixing system (CMY + 15 filters)
  • Dual gobo wheel (19 fixed gobo + 8 interchangeable rotating gobo)
  • Consistent intensity and colour from centre to edge.
  • 4-facet and 8-facet bi-directional, indexable rotating Animation wheel
  • 10° frost


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