ShowPRO Neptune 200 Beam (IP65)

ShowPRO Neptune 200 Beam (IP65)

NEPTUNE 200 BEAM is an ultra-compact IP beam moving head, which delivers unbelievable strong and powerful output, and provides a solid, sharp and clean beam at 1.7°

It has a super-fast and precise pan and tilt movements, professional beam effects, fast multi-gobo exchanging and clean projection. It is an ideal product for outdoor concerts/events, theme and amusement parks and the rental touring market.

The Neptune 200 Beam IP65 features:

  • Rotating gobo: 8 gobos + white, gobo flow effect, gobo shake, bi-directional rotation
  • Colours: one colour wheel (9 dichroic filters + white, rainbow flow effect )
  • Prism: 8 Facet Linear Prism and 16 Facet Standard Prism – Rotating and Indexing
  • Focus: Motorized linear focus


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