ShowPRO Neptune 400 FX Wash (IP65)

ShowPRO Neptune 400 FX Wash (IP65)

Neptune 400 FX WASH is an innovative IP65 moving head LED wash, combining 7x40w and 1x60W RGBW LED sources in an advanced optical design as well as a creative LED ring effect.

It features a built in HSIC system, mixing colour much easier and faster, creating a brilliant colour effect. Perfect dynamic effects by individual pixel control. Wide zoom range from 5-35°. Small and compact weighing only 22KG. It is an ideal product for outdoor concerts/events, commercial complex, theme park and amusement parks and rental touring market.

The Neptune 400 FX Wash features:

  • Prism: 1 piece of 8F prism inserted over the 60W centre pixel with bi-directional rotation, speed adjustable.
  • LED Ring: Dynamic RGB pixel ring on the circumference of the main lens.
  • Unique Effect: Magic kaleidoscope


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