Philips Selecon PLCYC2 LED Luminaire

Philips Selecon PLCYC2 LED Luminaire

**NOTE** This product has been discontinued.  For a current alternative, please see the PLCYC1.

Delivering a smooth even beam, the PLCYC2 seamlessly blends intense washes of colour on your cyclorama. Using LED source technology combined with a properly shaped asymmetrical reflector, the PLCYC2 delivers consistent and powerful light distribution without the compromising performance of vertical or horizontal spreader lenses.

The PLCYC2 uses the same proven LED engines as the Philips Selecon PL1, PL3, PLFRESNEL1, PLPROFILE1 and the PLCYC1 meaning colour matching is simplified across the stage. The user interface is the same ensuring ease of use.

A key benefit of the PLCYC2 is that it is no longer necessary to change lamps or mix the colour on the cyclorama using multiple fixtures. One source allows multiple colours. Fading between colours is seamless and allows designers a new level of creativity. Fewer luminaires to cover the cyclorama, less power and no dimmer circuits makes the PLCYC2 the obvious choice for lighting a large sized cyclorama.

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