The Pharos Designer TPS 5 (Touch Panel Station 5”) is an elegant interface with a customisable, 5” capacitive touchscreen, compatible with any Pharos Designer Controller.

The front panel is a seamless, uninterrupted glass plate available in Black and in White, giving an elegant touch experience, with improvements to its core functionality, touch performance, screen resolution, and vastly superior aesthetics. And, with a unique and innovative universal mounting solution, the TPS 5 will be easy to wall mount in your installation, regardless of region.

The new hardware features a much more responsive touch experience behind the chic glass face. The TPS 5 can be used with the full range of Pharos Designer Controllers, providing elegant interaction wherever it’s needed and interface controls can be altered during live operation through the Designer Trigger functionality.


  • The 5″ vivid colour capacitive touchscreen makes navigating your project’s controls appealing and intuitive. It’s quick and easy to activate presets, manual overrides, or even use a custom colour picker to personalise your lighting. The TPS 5 puts control of your Pharos system at your fingertips.


  • Touchscreen user interface is fully customisable using the free Pharos Designer 2 software. Create multiple pages of lighting controls including buttons, sliders, keypads and colour pickers, and configure their appearance and visual feedback. Make it eye-catching by importing your own graphics or picking from one of our attractive themes.


  • The new and improved TPS 5 is designed using superior, up-to-date technology. The new screens have a high DPI, with a resolution of 800×480 in a 5” display. And, with updated technology, comes greater responsiveness with the interface, enabling five-point multi-touch, giving much smoother transitions, higher screen fidelity and more processing power, allowing more pages to be loaded.



Be limited by your design brief, not your interface. Whether you want to show a few simple buttons, or use custom branded graphics, the touch panel supports it all. It is also capable of supporting any font, including those with extended character sets; e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese.


The TPS 5 ships with a new, innovative wall-mounting system. The Universal Mounting Plate can be fitted to a wide range of regulation backboxes, including UK, US and EU. The TPS 5 fits to the mounting plate via a bayonet twist system which is not immediately obvious to an observer. This keeps it securely fastened with a tool-free installation, and the MicroSD card remains securely out of reach whilst installed.


Multiple Touch Devices can be combined with one or more Pharos controllers on the same network to build the ideal system for your installation, with a maximum of 40 controllers and touch devices in total. Each Touch Device is easily programmed using our Designer 2 software. Read more


Create interface pages in Pharos Designer 2 at the same time you programme the controller, and upload in one simple operation.



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Pharos TPS 5
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