LPC X Series 3

LPC X Series 3

The award-winning Pharos Designer LPC X (Lighting Playback Controller X) offers an extreme level of power and integration, making it an ideal lighting control solution for architectural and landmark lighting installations requiring significant channel counts.

The LPC X Series 3 is a next generation hardware platform with improved performance and connectivity. The S3 capture card version has an HDMI input, and the new audio input port offers two channels of on-board Linear Timecode, and is supported from Designer 2.11.


The LPC X is available in capacities ranging from 10 DMX universes (5,120 channels) up to 100 DMX universes (51,200 channels) from a single unit, with further scaling (for even larger architectural lighting installations) by using multiple LPC X connected and synchronised automatically over Ethernet.


  •  On board Audio Input for two LTC channels, with additional integration options supported by our range of Pharos Designer Remote Devices and IO Modules
  • Optional HDMI input for mapping live video in your installation, supporting up to 1080p60 with configurable scaling and X/Y pixel offset
  • Installations can be managed locally with the built-in web server, and from anywhere in the world via Pharos Cloud.

Remote Management

Future-proof your lighting projects by connecting your Designer Controllers to Pharos Cloud. This allows remote, but direct, control of your controllers from anywhere in the world, letting you check the status, fire triggers, schedule events, upload new projects and much more. All through one portal, accessible at your own Internet domain.


The right fit for every installation. Multiple Designer Controllers can be seamlessly linked together to work as one via a standard Ethernet network giving impressive scalability. For additional integration options simply add Remote Devices to further extend the network. Whether one controller or many, it’s all easily programmed using the Pharos Designer 2 software.


Be limited by your design brief, not your lighting control system. Our products support a vast range of different fixture types and can output multiple DMX-over-Ethernet (eDMX) lighting protocols at the same time. No other system gives you this level of flexibility and control over your project.

Custom Interfaces

Create a custom web interface for your installation that gives your users the control they need and the look they expect. Our built-in web server supports an extensive JavaScript API and access control with multiple user levels.


Find all the documentation you need regarding this product below.

Pharos LPC X Data Sheet
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