Pharos Expert Repeat

Pharos Expert Repeat

Expert Repeat is a convenient DMX512 splitter / repeater with four output ports compatible with the RDM standard to provide DMX distribution to luminaires.

The incoming isolated DMX signal from your Expert Control is regenerated four times on isolated, self-healing ports for distribution to your fixtures. DMX splitters are an essential requirement for most control systems, allowing multiple separate cable runs from a single DMX output and ensuring electrical isolation.

In the same size and look as Expert Control and Expert Switch, this DIN rail mount repeater with install-friendly connectors requires a power supply in the range of 9 to 48V DC.



Installer Friendly

Made for permanent installation, with installerfriendly 0.200” (5.08mm) plug-in rising clamp terminals, flexible power requirements from 9 to 48V DC, and easy DIN rail and keyhole mounting options.


Each input and output port is independently galvanically isolated, ensuring the control circuitry and each port of the Repeat is protected against a multitude of electrical line faults, including earth potential rise and ground loops.


Repeat is equipped with four self-healing DMX ports, giving your equipment added protection from unwanted energy, such as miswiring, short circuits, and surge events caused by lightning. Should a fault occur, it will be contained by the Repeat, preventing it from flowing into other components in the system; once the external fault is cleared, the ports “self-heal”, restoring DMX output automatically.

Four Port Outputs

Repeats a DMX signal to 4 outputs, each allowing for 32 DMX devices to be connected.


Supports the Remote Device Management protocol (ANSI E1.20) allowing devices connected to any of the four outputs to be discovered and to communicate back to Expert Control over the DMX link.


Made for permanent installation and designed for 24/7 operation and reliability.



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Pharos Expert Repeat
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