Pharos Expert Touch

Pharos Expert Touch

A stunningly elegant wall station with a seamless, uninterrupted glass front plate, providing a beautiful interface if your project requires user interaction.

The 5” touchscreen receives automatically generated pages via Expert Control, based on programming in Expert software. Easily control your lighting by activating scenes and adjusting intensity for each Space.

With single cable installation, Expert Touch 5 is a Power-over-Ethernet device. Included is a Universal Mounting Plate which is compatible with world-wide back boxes and boasts a secure and ingenious fitting mechanism.



Touch Interface

Touch 5 has a vivid colour 5” display with a high resolution of 800×480. The capacitive touchscreen makes navigating your project’s controls appealing and intuitive. It’s quick and easy to select your space and activate presets, manually override intensity and even use a colour picker to personalise your lighting. Touch 5 puts control at your fingertips.

Straightforward Installation

With a new, innovative wall-mounting system, the Universal Mounting Plate can be fitted to a wide range of regulation backboxes, including UK, US and EU. The Touch 5 fits to the mounting plate via a bayonet twist system which is not immediately obvious to an observer. This keeps it firmly fastened with a tool-free installation, and the MicroSD card remains out of reach whilst installed.


As a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) device, the Touch 5 can be placed at any remote location and only needs a single Ethernet cable that provides both power and data. Expert Switch provides a coordinating PoE switch from Pharos, which can support up to four Touch devices.


The Touch 5 requires a Pharos Expert Control, and links to it using standard protocols over an Ethernet network.

Wherever they’re needed

Expert Control can support up to 32 Expert Touch devices. Pages are generated relating to the Space you assign to your Touch 5 – giving you control over just one room, or the whole project.

Expert Software

Let Expert Software guide you through setting up and creating your lighting design, with helpers and clear, easy to follow processes. Add Stations to Spaces and choose a theme to suit the location, then let Expert do the rest – generating the pages and controls you want – with preset buttons, colour pickers and intensity sliders.


Made for permanent installation and designed for 24/7 operation and reliability. Hardware and f irmware are self-sufficient, so no PC needs to be left on site.


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Pharos Expert Touch
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