Clay Paky Skylos Beam (IP65)

Clay Paky Skylos Beam (IP65)

The Skylos goes far beyond the legacy of classic searchlights. It features a safe 300W laser light source and a specially designed body which makes it suitable for use in even the most extreme conditions (IP66). This beam is VERY bright, and as a laser source, the unit is far more energy efficient than previous generation Xenon sources – 600W vs 4000W. The unit’s large 300mm front lens creates a perfectly uniform and parallel beam with no visible hotspots. The beam angle can be adjusted from 0.5° to 5° resulting in exceptional light intensity, which cannot be produced by a LED or traditional light source.

The Skylos is equipped with two effect wheels; one with a rotating six-sided prism and a rotating five-sided linear prism, and a second with a fixed 4-sided prism. These can be overlayed on each-other to achieve a breath-taking Moonflower effect and many other fantastic never seen-before mid-air effects. Laser technology adds outstanding optical contrast, making all light projections razor-sharp.

Light Source: 300W white light laser source
Light Output: >250 Mil cd
Zoom range: 0.5° to 5° (10:1) linear edge

  • Perfect beam collimation and uniformity
  • 15-color wheel; One slot for custom fixed gobo
  • Rotating 6-sided + 5-sided linear prisms on a wheel
  • Fixed 4-sided prism on a second layer, which overlaps with the other two in order to create a Moonflower effect
  • 5° frost filter
  • 24-bit digital dimmer
  • Digital stop-strobe effect


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