ROXX Cluster B2 FC LED Blinder (IP65)

ROXX Cluster B2 FC LED Blinder (IP65)

Resolution X are proudly the Australian delivery customers of the latest German engineered, broadcast ready, IP rated and array-able, ROXX Cluster B2 FC & S2 products. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the B2 FC is an excellent replacement for classic DWE Blinders and so much more.

The Cluster B2 is brighter than a classic DWE Blinder while consuming 60% less power. It’s ‘Shift to warm’ functionality when turned on allows it to emulate a traditional halogen lamp dimming, with the flexibility to remove it and use the blinder as a strobe all within the same show.

The Cluster B2 blinder and S2 strobe are identical in size and rigging, which when combined with a series of versatile brackets, allow for the creation of a bunch of different arrangements. To assist practically creating these arrangements, the units have strong magnets to assist aligning and a C-LOK system allowing for connection of units without tools.

Available with standard 4.1 horizontal brackets or optional 2.2 vertical brackets, in addition to direct Omega attachment points on the top, side and rear of the unit, these lights have enormous flexibility for mounting.

In addition to emulating the DWE, offers new creative possibilities thanks to its full colour capabilities. More than just a blinder, the B2 FC has an “Illumination Mode” for use as a flood for an extended period. This reduces the output but allows continuous operation.

Key Features

  • Dimming Curves: Four high resolution dimming curves and adjustable dimming response to adapt to the respective application.
  • Flicker-free: Six selectable PWM frequencies up to 25kHz guarantees flicker free operation in front of camera, even at high-speed recordings.
  • Shift to warm: Switchable Shift-To-Warm function to simulate traditional halogen fixtures while dimming down.
  • Temperature controlled fan: Temperature controlled fan for optimized and silent operation.
  • Magnetic Pre-link: The magnetic pre-link system helps to align ROXX fixtures and allows “one-handed” operation for secure locking.
  • C-LOK: The patented C-LOK system allows ROXX® devices to be connected together quickly and conveniently without tools. Scalable from a single vertical / horizontal line to massive matrix-like arrays.
  • Lamp Pan: Individual +-20° pan of each lamp to allow for directional adjustment


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