ROXX Cluster S2 LED Strobe Wash (IP65)

ROXX Cluster S2 LED Strobe Wash (IP65)

The S2 is an advanced pixel mappable strobe and wash light, that combines two complementary effects in one unit. Thanks to the advanced and tool-free cluster mechanism, the S2 can be combined with all cluster series products, like the B2 FC strobe, to provide lighting designers with new creative possibilities in horizontal and vertical configurations.

There are three easy to apply, magnetic filters available for the S2. The black smoked filter is especially useful in TV applications, as it allows the devices to visually disappear in the stage design when switched off. The two elliptical filters shape the light beam either vertical or horizontal with a frost effect, giving user even more effect possibilities.


The Cluster S2 strobe and the B2 blinder are identical in size and rigging, which when combined with a series of versatile brackets, allow for the creation of a bunch of different arrangements. To assist practically creating these arrangements, the units have strong magnets to assist aligning and a C-LOK system allowing for connection of units without tools.

Available with standard 4.1 horizontal brackets or optional 2.2 vertical brackets, in addition to direct Omega attachment points, these lights have enormous flexibility for mounting.

Key Features

  • High-power, pixel-mappable hybrid strobe / wash light
  • Centre strobe mimics traditional look from Xenon-bulb strobe
  • Full colour mixing & tuneable white with high CRI
  • Four extra single strobe lines create unique effects and give an extra boost on high-power strobe applications
  • Large number of build-in patterns/macros
  • IP65 rated for indoor & outdoor use


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