DJ Power SW3000 Aqua Low Fog Machine

DJ Power SW3000 Aqua Low Fog Machine

The DJ Power H-SW3000 is a high-output, all-in-one water-based low fogger. This cost-effective machine utilises a combination of water vapour and fog fluid to create large volumes of low-lying fog without the need for dry ice or CO2. Capable of producing 400m³ of fog according to the manufacturer, this machine is ready for use in larger venues as well as smaller theatres and schools. With an IP65 rating, you can have confidence using this machine no matter the weather.

  • Tank volume: 34 litres of water / 3.4 litres of fluid
  • Consumption @ 100%: 35 ml/min
  • Warm-up time: 4-5 minutes
  • DMX in/out: 3pin / 5pin
  • Dual 3m ducts

11.7A running current. 16A and 20A power distributions options available upon request.


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