Pulsar ChromaFlood100

Pulsar ChromaFlood100

Pulsar’s cutting-edge high-power ChromaFlood100 is an amazing high-power LED fixture housed in a compact IP66 round or square flood enclosure.  They are both IP66 rated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are powered directly from 100-277 Volts AC (100 Watts Max).  They includes full DMX control of RGB levels to allow remote control of its endless colour mixing possibilities plus numerous internal sequences to provide impressive operation without the need for an external control system.

The ChromaFlood100s feature 32 (square) or 30 (round) high power 3W LEDs and are ideal for large-scale architectural and entertainment projects. It has an incredibly wide colour palette, and the bright wash fixture can be used to enhance architectural features and façades, fountains, and focal displays as well as providing stunning colour in shows, concerts and themed environments.

The specialised ChromaBeam fixture utilises the standard square flood enclosure and can be populated with either discreet RGB or single colour LEDs and 5˚ lenses to produce an incredibly bright and narrow beam perfect for centerpieces and other focal points of any architectural structure, installation, or display.

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TriColour, RGB, Variable White, UV, Single colour/Custom colour combination




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