LSC Clarity VX20

LSC Clarity VX20

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The Clarity VX20 forms part of the LSC Clarity control package and are external hardware control platforms commonly called “Wings”. Available in 2 models, the VX Wings allow direct control of Clarity’s many features. Providing a bridge between the PC world of mouse control and the traditional dedicated lighting control console, the VX series draws on the best of both worlds.

Connecting directly to the PC/Mac via a USB cable, the VX wings offer direct control of intensity and playbacks via buttons and faders. The VX wings also have inbuilt QX Nodes providing DMX512 outputs via connectors on the backpanel. There are also 6 remote dry contact trigger inputs available.

The VX20 offer all the facilities of the VX10 with the addition of 10 extra faderless playbacks; MIDI In and Thru; integrated trackball that can be used for both Attribute control as well mouse movement control on the PC; Extended programming control via dedicated buttons and an in-built universal power supply.

  • Trackball control of Intensity, Position, Beam and Focus
  • Trackball can be used as Computer mouse
  • Extra 10 faderless playbacks with Go, Back/Pause buttons;
  • Buttons for HiLite, Blind Mode, Release All, Clear All
  • Playback split into 2 x 5 x 99 pages
  • Extra two DMX512 RDM compatible outputs (total 4)
  • Universal Mains power input – (replaces VX10 plugpack input)

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 512 × 296 × 86 mm



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