Philips Selecon Aureol Fresco Flood

Philips Selecon Aureol Fresco Flood

Designed to provide a visually even wash of light for either individual subject flood lighting or continuous wall washes for museum, gallery, retail and residential lighting applications. The Aureol Fresco Flood features a unique custom designed asymmetric reflector that collects much of the light output and redirects it to produce a visually even wash of light from a ceiling mount position.

A choice of mains voltage linear halogen (60W, 75W, 100W, 150W) lamps provides a wide range of light levels at full colour rendering. Positioned 1200mm from a 3m high wall and spaced 1500mm apart the Aureol Fresco Flood provides a visually even wash of light down to 700mm approx. from the floor i.e. in the critical viewing area.

  • The body is engineered from a combination of aluminium pressure die castings and extrusions, no exposed screws or sharp edges. All power cables are internal to yoke and body.
  • Visually smooth asymmetric beam that can be used for individual subject lighting or in combination to provide a visually even wash of light.
  • Wide choice of mains light sources allows for the required light level without the need for dimming and consequential degradation of colour rendering.
  • Light sources and precision designed reflector are recessed into the luminaire housing for best glare control commensurate with the flood angles provided.
  • Positive pan and tilt adjustment with allen screw lock off.
  • Accessories – colour filter holder for glass or plastic filter; four flap barndoors to shape / mask the light beam, available to match luminaire colour or with the flap interior finished in black.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 51 × 241 × 150 mm

Philips Selecon


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