Philips Selecon PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire

Philips Selecon PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire

The PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire is a general purpose lighting fixture for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination. Using LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire delivers Philips Selecon’s industry benchmark quality without the compromising performance of spreader lenses.

A key benefit of the PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire is that it is not necessary to change lamps or color filters. Combining the superior control and light quality of a Philips Selecon Fresnel with seamless fading between colors allows designers a new level of creativity. Less power consumption and no dimmer circuits makes the PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire the obvious choice for any stage lighting need.

The PLFRESNEL1 MKII also hosts smart cable management with the inclusion of PLICB (PL Interconnect Box). The PLICB mounts to the luminaires yoke, between the C-Clamp and the yoke and swivels independently to allow for the luminaire to move freely through its focus range with no need for a cable service loop. The PLICB allows for all of the luminaires cabling with DMX and PowerCON in and through connections.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 603.3 × 323.9 × 323.9 mm



Philips Selecon


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