Pharos LPC

Pharos LPC

The Pharos LPC (Lighting Playback Controller) is an award-winning, all-in-one control solution for themed entertainment and LED lighting installations. It features individually controllable and independently running timelines and scenes, letting you build dynamic, precise, fully customisable pre-programmed lighting effects with the freedom of real-time manual overrides and the versatility of powerful show control and integration features.

The LPC is designed for 24/7 operation and total reliability, with a rugged DIN rail mounting enclosure and install-friendly connectors. Its compact form-factor and minimal power requirements make it suitable for installation anywhere – including in weatherproof enclosures or even on roller-coaster ride vehicles.

It is at the heart of the fully scalable Pharos system which can be tailored to the needs of your project. Multiple Controllers can be used together and will synchronise automatically. Additional integration options are supported by our range of Remote Devices. The LPC is programmed using the free Pharos Designer 2 software and existing installations can be managed from anywhere using its built-in web server.

  • Realtime control of playback selection and lighting levels – gracefully transition between scenes, sequences, effects and pixel-mapped media
  • Supports DMX and DALI colour mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures/ballasts and automated/moving lights
  • Outputs DMX directly, as well as a wide variety of Ethernet control protocols including Art-Net II, Color Kinetics KiNet, sACN and Pathport
  • Standard triggering interfaces include RS232, RS485, DMX input, MIDI, Ethernet, digital/analogue inputs, realtime & astronomical clock with optional remote devices for DALI, SMPTE timecode, audio, etc.
  • Conveniently and intuitively programmed and simulated on a Microsoft Windows PC or Apple Macintosh then uploaded to the installed units over Ethernet or USB
  • Monitor, trigger and reprogram units remotely and securely over the Internet using a web browser or Pharos Installation Manager
  • Compact DIN-rail unit, solid state, instant-on, fit & forget solution – scalable over Ethernet
  • Three models available: LPC 1 (512 channels), LPC 2 (1024 channels) and LPC 4(2048 channels; up to 1024 channels as local DMX)

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Dimensions 143.5 × 90 × 58 mm



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