Helvar Transistor Dimmer (454)

Helvar Transistor Dimmer (454)

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The DIN-rail mounted 454 is a four-channel transistor dimmer. It can operate in one of two modes: leading edge or trailing edge. All four channels operate in the same selected mode, with each channel capable of controlling 2.2 A.

It supports capacitive and resistive loads, and it can be connected directly to mains-voltage lamps and to lowvoltage lamps with electronic transformers. The 454 is not for use with inductive loads.

Each channel of the dimmer has both current and thermal protection.

The dimmer features an LED segment display. There is a push button user interface for monitoring, manual configuration and control purposes.

  • Trailing-edge or leading-edge dimming
  • LED segment and push buttons for manual configuration, including the following output types: linear, square, S-law, DALI logarithmic, LED curve, and DALI linear
  • Capable of handling resistive and capacitive loads
  • Manual wired override input
  • Voltage and frequency compensation
  • Overcurrent and temperature protection included
  • Power-on to last level or to user-defined level

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 158 × 100 × 58 mm



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