Philips Dynalite Trailing Edge Dimmer Controller (3 Channel)

Philips Dynalite Trailing Edge Dimmer Controller (3 Channel)

** The DTE310 has been discontinued.

The DTE310 is a three-channel energy management controller with a maximum load per channel of 10A. It has a trailing edge output, making it suitable for use with most types of dimmable electronic transformers. The DTE310 can operate from a three phase or single phase supply, and is especially suited for controlling track mounted fixtures on three circuit track. Using a three phase supply when the DTE310 is connected to three circuit track allows the track to be loaded to it’s maximum rating. Philips Dynalite’s superior voltage regulation and soft start technologies protect lamps, dramatically extending their life. Multipurpose programmable dry contact and analogue inputs are provided for interfacing to other systems such as AV controllers. The device also incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller that can process comprehensive conditional and sequential logic and macro functions.

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Dimensions 450 × 224 × 92 mm

Philips Dynalite




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