Helvar 492 Relay Unit (1 Channel 16A)

Helvar 492 Relay Unit (1 Channel 16A)

The 492 is a single-channel relay unit designed to allow control of non-DALI, nondimmable loads.

The relay is a latching, volt-free contact, high-inrush type, with a contact rating of 16 A.

The unit is packaged within a plastic enclosure that can be installed within a luminaire or an electrical cabinet, or used as an in-line unit. This compact enclosure has mounting lugs at each end, and cable grips are an integral part of the terminal cover.

The unit, which is powered from the DALI network, forms a DALI relay node with a typical current consumption of 2 mA. It can be programmed as a single-channel relay with Helvar’s lighting design software, Designer and Toolbox.

Note: This unit does not contain a DALI power supply. Therefore, one must be present elsewhere in the system.

  • 16 A high-current relay
  • High-inrush specification relay
  • Compact size for luminaire, electrical panel or in-line mounting
  • Secure wire connection cover

Additional information

Weight 0.052 kg
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 21.2 mm





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