Philips Dynalite Relay Controller 12ch Multiphase (DDRC1220FR-GL)

Philips Dynalite Relay Controller 12ch Multiphase (DDRC1220FR-GL)

The Philips Dynalite DDRC1220FR-GL provides control of any type of switched load. All types of switched loads up to 20 A inductive are supported. The maximum load may be limited by 500 A inrush rating.

  • Feed-through power circuit design – Electrically equivalent to a 12 pole contactor, with the added advantage of each pole being separately controllable via the DyNet network.
  • Flexible mounting solution – A DIN-rail mountable device, designed to be installed into the distribution board supplying power to the controlled circuit.
  • Inbuilt diagnostic functionality – Features circuit run time tracking on each channel and Device Online/Offline status indication.
  • Multiple wiring schemes supported – Controls single phase and neutral or three phase and neutral (star) wiring configurations.
  • Hardware override – Service override switch accessible from front panel.

Additional information

Dimensions 215 × 93 × 64 mm

Philips Dynalite




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