ShowPRO Raytheon FC LED Strobe

ShowPRO Raytheon FC LED Strobe

The Raytheon FC is a high-powered RGBW LED strobe equipped with 1100W of LED. Its IP65 housing makes the fixture suitable for use outdoors on stages without having to be concerned about weather potentially damaging the fixture. The Raytheon FC has rich, saturated colours, and a narrow 30° lens. It has multiple control modes, including a 12-section pixel mode and some built-in macros unlocking additional looks and effects. It is compatible with Artnet and RDM, as well as traditional 5pin DMX. When you need a punchy, defined, outdoor-rated strobe at an affordable price, the Raytheon FC is a great option.

  • 12 individually controllable segments for dynamic effects and visuals.
  • IP65 rated tour-grade construction
  • DMX, RDM and Artnet control


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