ShowPRO Neptune 700 Profile (IP65)

ShowPRO Neptune 700 Profile (IP65)

The Neptune 700 Profile is a punchy 600W LED IP65-rated fixture with framing. It has a 7°-50° zoom range, two gobo wheels, CMY colour mixing, and a light and medium frost filter. It houses an individually controlled 4-blade framing system. Thanks to its IP65 rating, it’ll be well suited for outdoor use even in challenging weather conditions.

  • Rotating gobo: 7 gobos + white, gobo-flow effect, gobo shake, bi-directional rotation
  • Static gobo: 10 + 1 Gobos
  • Framing system: 4 shutter blades – each with their own adjustable angle and direction and the whole framing module can rotate ±60°.
  • Colours: CMY colour mixing, CTO, and one colour wheel (6 dichroic-filters + white, rainbow-flow effect).
  • Prism: One piece of 4 facet prism with bi-directional rotation and speed adjustment
  • Frost: 2 frost filters – light and medium


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