Sydney Olympic Park Precinct

Lightmoves has successfully completed the installation of a custom engineered architectural lighting control solution for Sydney Olympic Park Precinct. Working from an initial design from Lighting Art & Science with Colin Barker and Richard Mason, the brief provided Sydney Olympic Park Authority the ability to bring the precinct to life with light via a combination of Martin Exterior LED fixtures, architectural lighting control systems and point to point wireless control.

Initially envisaged for the NRL State of Origin Game 2, the final architectural lighting control solution now provides the precinct operator the ability to provide the public and event organisers an immersive experience with light.


Pharos, Martin, Dynalite and More

The solution specified by Lighting Art & Science called for a sophisticated combination of control system integration across a geographically large precinct area to provide continuity of control and precinct appearance. This was achieved using Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) wireless devices strategically designed to be positioned across the precinct, allowing transmission of all lighting control protocols instantaneously for experiential consistency across the precinct.

Martin LED Luminaires

Lightmoves prepared the scores of Martin 400 ext fixtures for outdoor use, fitted the appropriate lenses and glare shields and installed the Martin fixtures on custom made brackets. This installation included all communication cabling to the lighting designers’ specification and the final engineered solution represented a collaborative design and construct solution.

Pharos Architectural Lighting Controllers

With the use of Pharos TPC lighting controllers and POE switches as part of the IT backbone installed by Lightmoves,  this also allows  the precinct operators to schedule specific lighting themes for events as well as the ability to change in real time the colour theming globally or on a building specific level. These real-time changes can be achieved on computers and mobile devices via the custom designed GUI provided by Lightmoves.


Philips Dynalite Intelligent Lighting Solutions

As part of the installation, the ceiling of the architecturally impressive railway station is included in the design brief and pivotal to starting the precinct’s nocturnal experience. Previously this ceiling structure was lit with standard flood lighting – but only for effect. If unchanged, this large wash of white light would drown out the effect of the LED fixtures. Lightmoves engineered around this using Philips Dynalite DMRC210 relay controllers. As with most Philips Dynalite products, the DMRC210 is controllable natively via DMX meaning these relay devices were integrated into the design easily and cost effectively. This solution enabled the white flood lights to be controlled at will without any electrical switchboard changes or upgrades, reducing the overall costs of the project and providing for more flexibility in lighting control too. The introduction of the Philips Dynalite relay solution is another example why Lightmoves was chosen to engineer and install this sophisticated architectural lighting control solution.

Integrated, Engineered Architectural Lighting Control Solution

As with all projects of this scale and size, cross organisational cooperation and stakeholder management enabled successful implementation and execution. Starting with the lighting designers, working closely with Sydney Olympic Park Venue Management for access and IT support; Accor Hotel management for access; right through to State Rail staff on the ground, multiple stakeholder were involved during the process. The final result is testament to all parties and their willingness to help make this happen. From the original vision of the precinct management and the lighting designers through to facilitation of access.

Coupled with Lightmoves’ experience and lighting control solution engineering, the Sydney Olympic Park Venue can now provide all visitors a spectacular, lighting driven experience.


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