Bespoke Lighting Control Solution for Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Town Hall

In 2019, City of Melbourne entrusted Lightmoves with modernising the lighting technology of the Main Hall whilst maintaining its antique fixture housing.

The iconic, heritage-listed Melbourne Town Hall is a chameleon at the centre of the Melbourne events space, having hosted everything from theatre performance to weddings, conferences and exhibitions for over 150 years.

The Brief:

to pull the grand chandeliers, sconces, and under-balcony into the modern day by switching out the fixed-output lights with lighting control that gives ultimate freedom to events coordinators.

After carefully testing various product options in the hall, it was clear the retrofit would require some custom-fitting and design.

Original fixture

Custom replacement utilising existing base

The Solution:

The Lightmoves team replaced each fixed-output chandelier lamp with the RGBW LED DMX Pixel 8 from Space Cannon, a durable Australian technology which enables full pixel control. We only install products that, much like the town hall, will stand the test of time – so the Pixel 8 from our friends at Space Cannon was an obvious choice.

Assembling inside the chandelier was the next challenge. The solution would need to be lightweight to avoid damage.

Our team utilised the existing lamp bases as a fixing position in order to avoid additional structural elements. Then, a spigot and thread which matched the lamp base were commissioned.

The wall sconces got special treatment as well; Pixel 8 LEDs were custom-designed to fit inside the irreplaceable glass orbs.

Under the balcony, fluorescent battens were replaced with custom fit Space Cannon RGBW DMX Spaceline, allowing dynamic pixel control.

Dynamic, RGBW pixel control throughout has enabled the Main Hall to realise its lighting potential. Dynamic events lighting can now be easily incorporated with the theatrical rig for live concerts and functions.

All architectural elements – the chandeliers, sconces, batons & high bay house lights – are integrated with the rig via eDMX Art-Net through the theatrical lighting console.

The system is controlled by a two-universe Pharos Lighting Playback Controller. For day-to-day control, a number of pre-set colours and shows can be selected easily via Pharos Touchscreen.

The flexibility of the hall as an events space is now reflected in its light palette, further distinguishing it amongst Melbourne’s many impressive venues.

Each of the hall’s almost 200 lights can be individually controlled, thanks to approximately 700 controllable DMX channels.

A chameleon in more ways than one – Melbourne Town Hall pictured here preparing to welcome patrons for the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2023.

The results are dramatic – the new technology throws the full spectrum of colour against 50ft walls and ornate ceilings, celebrating the Main Hall’s best features and adding another dimension to events in the space.

We are pleased that our tailored, solution-centric approach could deliver this efficient and durable outcome for Melbourne Town Hall, with the overall result being a seamless mix of cutting edge technology and old-world spectacle that Melbourne will enjoy for decades to come.

Products Listing

Space Cannon Pixel 8 RGBW LED

Space Cannon RGBW DMX Spaceline

Pharos Lighting Playback Controller

Pharos Touchscreen


Electrical Contractor – Ultralec

Electrical Consultant – Webbs Australia

Client – City of Melbourne

Completed – 2019

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