Booran Reserve

Booran Reserve

Booran Reserve

IES Tour of Booran Reserve

Braving torrential rain and thunderstorms, the elite of the Melbourne lighting fraternity embarked on a behind-the-scenes tour of one of Melbourne’s most popular landscape architectural projects, the City of Glen Eira’s Booran Reserve.  Lightmoves were proud to be a sponsor of this IES event on the 25th of July.

At a cost of $11 million, the Booran reserve was no small undertaking.  Lighting Designers David Bird and Kire Bogoevski of 2B Designed worked alongside the City of Glen Eira’s Frank Romania on the project.  Together with Lightmoves, they were able to deliver a lighting design for the local community to enjoy both during the day and at night.  Lightmoves were chosen to supply and program some of the dynamic architectural LED fixtures in the reserve.

Booran Reserve’s lighting design incorporates a great amount of energy efficiency.  All light fixtures in the reserve are LED, in addition to a bank of solar panels along the northern wall; feeding renewable energy back into the grid.  Further to this, different areas of the park are designed with varying energy uses in mind.  Passive relaxation areas, a children’s playground, and two communal barbecue areas are all lit according to various schedules, further increasing the reserve’s energy efficiency.

Maintaining a design that was true to the original heritage of the site was important to David Bird and Kire Bogoevski, something Lightmoves helped implement.  The original concrete walls are made into a feature of the park, alongside many other historical elements from the original reservoir.  Info-graphic panels depicting the history of the site adorn walls along the north and east sides of the park, all lit with Space Cannon SpaceLine Grange LED fixtures.  The SpaceLine Grange fixtures have been chosen with versatility in mind, displaying a warm & even light across all panels.

Conversely, the Booran Reserve completely transforms after dark through the architectural lighting.  Lightmoves worked closely with local Melbourne manufacturer Space Cannon to provide a spectacular suspended LED grid, using Pixel 9 fixtures controlled via a Pharos LPC.

The Pixel 9 fixtures display various patterns throughout the night, including a regular ‘heartbeat’ display.  This ‘heartbeat’ occurs multiple times every night, pulsing waves of various colours and intensities to create an eye-catching display for passers-by.  In addition to the regular ‘heartbeat’, the system has also been programmed to display a variety of different light shows throughout the year.  Depending on the season, different styles and colours add variation to the light shows, ensuring the lighting design remains relevant for years to come.

Officially opened by the Glen Eira City Council in April 2017, Booran Reserve has been touted as one of the best in Melbourne.

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