Philips Selecon Pacific 575W MSR

Philips Selecon Pacific 575W MSR

**NOTE** This product has been discontinued.

Delivering unmatched performance from any of the Pacific range, the MSR power system comprises the universal electronic flicker-free power supply and a choice of lamp modules with integral ignitor and optional extension cable from head to power supply (5m/16 1/2ft).

This 5600K light source in the Pacific, fitted with MSR Hot Restrike module and dowser, delivers high light output for entertainment lighting. The standard 575W MSR/2 and 575W MSD lamps provide the solution for accurate long throw architectural lighting applications.

The power of the Pacific MSR allows projection over distances previously unobtainable with a standard profile.

The Pacific MSR can be ordered as a complete luminaire or the lamp module can be ordered separately and fitted to existing Pacific fittings.

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