Philips Selecon Arena Theatre Fresnel 7°-60°

Philips Selecon Arena Theatre Fresnel 7°-60°

The Arena Theatre Fresnel is a high output, general purpose stage lighting tool combining an unmatched beam angle range of 7°-60° with an equally impressive beam quality which delivers a smooth field with minimal light spill.

The clean ‘punchy’ spot can be easily blended with adjacent beams for even coverage of large performance areas.

Also suitable for other general stage lighting applications, side, top and back light angles with a choice of lamp sockets to suit the required conditions, the Arena Theatre Fresnel makes an excellent onstage or studio luminaire.

  • Wide range of beam angle from 7°-60°.
  • Flat even beam with very little spill.
  • Adjustable yoke balance point.
  • ‘Swing-down’ door for easy access to lamp or cleaning. Isolates the mains supply when opened.
  • Choice of GY16 lamp socket for CP72/43 2.0kW lamp or G22 lamp socket for CP91, 2.5kW.
  • Smooth focus movement from ‘Posi-slide’ focus system, no metal to metal contact.
  • Effective airflow maintains lower body temperature.
  • Constructed of pressure die-castings and aluminium extrusion.

Additional information

Dimensions 400 × 365 × 450 mm

Philips Selecon


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