Luminous Patterns

Luminous Patterns

Unlock the potential of interior lighting
Luminous patterns gives you the freedom to enrich interiors through the integration of color, texture, light, pattern, and movement. We take the versatile power of LEDs and house it in a beautiful bespoke panel, creating a signature ambiance that is ideal for hospitality and retail spaces. Impossible to forget, Luminous patterns puts a world of design possibilities in your hands. So you can express emotions, create striking accents and bring spaces to life.

Create an enchanting welcome
Welcome visitors with energizing light that makes an instant impression. Luminous patterns differentiates your space with iconic light display that will enchant and mesmerize everywhere from the entrance hall to the penthouse suite.

Reinforce your brand
Luminous patterns brings retail brands to life in new and exciting ways that connect with shoppers on the deepest level. A great way to add extra glamour to your products and make merchandise impossible to resist.

Free your creativity
Our solution offers you the design freedom to create the right signature lighting configuration for any interior. Choose distinctive colors, textures and light effects to get the wow factor with your commercial interior design project.

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