Philips Luminous Textile

Philips Luminous Textile

Create breathtaking interior spaces with one solution.
Luminous Textile integrates multi-coloured LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. A concept that gives you endless ways to play with colour, movement, texture and light. So you can express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces alive.

Kvadrat textile collection
The panels are finished with Kvadrat textiles, using the Kvadrat Soft Cells patented technology to maintain constant tension on the fabric within the aluminium frame. With a choice of rich colours and high quality textiles the panels continue to enhance a space even when the dynamic content has been switched off.

Architectural freedom
Luminous textile panels come both in standard and custom sizes and can be arranged in numerous ways to bring each space alive. From dramatic mood walls to staggered panels on a staircase, or scattered individual panels across a wall. The options are endless.

Soften sound
Luminous textile helps dampen noise and soften echos. Unlike hard materials like glass, concrete and steel that can create acoustic problems. This is thanks to the soft texture of the fact that they are multi-layered panels. So luminous textile can play a decorative, as well as practical role everywhere from open offices, reception areas, restaurants to hotels and airport lounges.

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