Philips Luminous Carpet

Philips Luminous Carpet

One simple installation. Infinite ways to make an impression.
Want to make your mark on visitors and guests? Luminous Carpet lets you welcome, attract and guide them in ways they have never seen before.
Touch your tablet, and lights under your feet brightly display graphics and words. Touch your smartphone, and dynamic moving images show a personal welcome to your expected guest. Your floor becomes a tool for informing and inspiring people.

– Welcome visitors to your office, with a personal message
– Enhance your brand, providing the right information in an innovative way
– Draw in crowds at tradeshows, with eye-catching floor displays
– Greet and guide hotel guests, making them feel welcome
– Go hand in hand with the aesthetics of your building, with high-quality carpet material that looks good even when the lights are off.

The solution has been designed to fit seamlessly into your building architecture without disrupting essential processes, like cleaning. Cutting-edge LEDs are built into strong units that also protect the lights from any spilt fluids. These are combined with high quality carpets, specially developed for the purpose.

With a little guidance Luminous Carpet can be easily installed into your floor and connected to your electrical and IT infrastructure. They then sync with your building management system and run pre-programmed light displays. Alternatively, you can change the lights on-demand from tablet and any other networked devices.

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Philips Large Luminous Surfaces

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