Philips Dynalite Portable Programmer (DPP601)

Philips Dynalite Portable Programmer (DPP601)

** The DPP601 has been discontinued.

The DPP601 is a portable, hand-held programmer designed for making programming changes to a Philips Dynalite system without the use of a computer. The DPP601 plugs into any point on the DyNet network and the LCD display will help guide the user step by step through the programming task. Information such as channel, area and preset scene names are automatically uploaded from the network to assist in programming. The DPP601 programmer can copy individual channel levels and preset scene values to reduce set-up time. It can be used in conjunction with standard control panels to access preset scenes that are not commonly used or that require protection from accidental selection. The DPP601 has a astronomical 365 day timeclock with Sunrise/Sunset tracking, automatic Daylight Saving adjustment and powerful macro and conditional logic functions. The timeclock interfaces with other devices over the DyNet RS485 network to automate tasks and events.

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Dimensions 143 × 78 × 21 mm

Philips Dynalite


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