Philips Dynalite Multifunciton Sensor (DUS90-WHB-DALI)

Philips Dynalite Multifunciton Sensor (DUS90-WHB-DALI)

The DUS90-WHB-DALI is a multifunction sensor that combines motion detection (PIR) and ambient light level detection (PE) in one device. The sensor uses the DALI protocol for power and communications to a network control system, eliminating the need for additional network field wiring. This is a wide angle, general purpose sensor.

  • MultiMaster compatible — Fully compatible with a Philips Dynalite DALI MultiMaster controller, such as the DDBC120-DALI.
  • Motion detection feature — Detects the presence or absence of motion and triggers a programmed action.
  • Ambient light level detection — In applications where it is critical to maintain precise lighting levels, the PE function reads ambient levels and adjusts artificial light accordingly.
  • Daylight harvesting — When used in conjunction with networked open loop day lighting sensor.
  • Infrared receive capability — Enables sign-in identification to the networked system.
  • Additional networking advantages — Including reporting and monitoring software tools.
  • Targeted positioning — Directional wallmounting block allows sensors to be easily mounted and directed to the required area.

Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 72 × 26 mm

Philips Dynalite


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