Philips Dynalite Envision Gateway (PDEG)

Philips Dynalite Envision Gateway (PDEG)

The Philips Dynalite Envision Gateway (PDEG) provides a multipurpose Ethernet connection to a Philips lighting control system. It supports access to the lighting system via a dedicated Philips app as well as providing a web interface delivering access to the inbuilt timeclock and schedule editor functions. It provides bridging functionality between Ethernet backbone and the DyNet fieldbus devices.

  • Large storage capacity – The device stores large project files internally, which apps use to automatically configure their settings. This saves configuration time and ensures accuracy for phone and tablet control.
  • Built-in web server – Allows the user to edit and check system settings via the Network Hardware Checker and System Roll Call tools.
  • No technical skills needed – Inbuilt timeclock and schedule manager allow the user to manage operation and task scheduling without advanced technical knowledge.
  • Powerful custom task engine – Allows users or third-party systems to run macros, such as ‘After Hours’, ‘Shut Down’, ‘Welcome’ and more.
  • Advanced interoperability – Supports management of Philips Dynalite and Philips PoE fittings on a single system.

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Dimensions 110 × 97 × 38 mm

Philips Dynalite


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