Philips Dynalite Hotel Room Controller (DDRC-GRMS10)

Philips Dynalite Hotel Room Controller (DDRC-GRMS10)

** The DDRC-GRMS10 has been discontinued.

The DDRC-GRMS10 controller is a purpose built hotel room energy management system. This dedicated controller is completely self-contained and requires no external power supply, relays or processor. The unit receives dry contact inputs from momentary button presses or card holder within the hotel room for receiving instructions. Complex functions such as ‘master on/off”, ‘room unoccupied’, ‘Do not disturb’ or ‘make up room’ are pre-programed into the unit, so that no programming is required. The unit also has built-in motor directional relays for motorised blinds for a full automation solution. Two 16A power relays allow for the ‘air condition’ and ‘GPO’ energy management strategy.

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Dimensions 211 × 94 × 75 mm

Philips Dynalite


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