Philips Dynalite Fan Coil Unit Controller 0-10V (DDFCUC010)

Philips Dynalite Fan Coil Unit Controller 0-10V (DDFCUC010)

The DDFCUC010 is a Fan Coil Unit controller designed for direct connection to components commonly found in air conditioning systems. 0-10V outputs are provided for controlling hot and chilled water valves, relay outputs for driving fan motors, a high capacity relay output is available for electrical heaters. Inputs are provided for a resistive type temperature sensor and the device can use data from a networked temperature sensor such as the Philips Dynalite DTS900. Programmable auxiliary inputs are provided for peripherals such as smoke detectors, motion detectors, window open/close sensors, airflow detectors drip tray, dirty air filter, hot water on cold valve, etc. The device can be networked with other equipment, such as Philips Dynalite Revolution DR2P wall stations and DTP170 touchscreen, via an onboard RS485 DyNet port.

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Dimensions 211 × 94 × 75 mm

Philips Dynalite


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