Philips Dynalite Dry Contact Interface (DPMI940)

Philips Dynalite Dry Contact Interface (DPMI940)

**NOTE** The DPMI940 has been discontinued and replaced by Philips Dynalite DLLI8I8O

The DPMI940 is a four way dry contact interface designed to allow mechanical switches and relays to interface to the DyNet network. The function of each input is programmable and the small size of the product combined with the inputs being presented on flyleads makes it perfect for installation behind multi-gang switch grids. In addition to use as a simple dry contact interface, the DPMI940 has a “motion detector” mode that turns a third-party motion detector into a fully featured DyNet sensor. The flylead that connects to the motion relay and tamper switch also has a 0V and +12VDC pair for powering the motion detector from the DyNet network power supply. The small size of the unit allows it to be fitted completely inside many brands of motion detectors.

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Dimensions 37165 × 22 × 16 mm

Philips Dynalite


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