Philips Dynalite Active Load (DMAL120F)

Philips Dynalite Active Load (DMAL120F)

By using the DMAL120F on leading edge dimmer channels, LED & CFL fittings can have an improved dimming performance and reduced lamp flicker. The DMAL120F is designed to provide correct load conditions for leading edge dimmers, by simply connecting across the Line and Neutral wires at any point along the lighting circuit. Using the DMAL120F allows the continuing use of leading edge dimming system while updating to more efficient LED & CFL lamps.

The DMAL120F can also be used on a Trailing Edge Dimmer to achieve a better dimming range from LED & CFL lamps.

The compact design enables the unit to be mounted directly within the same enclosure as the dimmer or in the field with the LED & CFL lighting groups. This unit cannot be used to eliminate flicker of LED from mains supply instability.

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Dimensions 240 × 45 × 38 mm

Philips Dynalite


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