Pharos Expert Control

Pharos Expert Control

Benefit from Pharos expertise in dynamic architectural lighting with an all-new, practical, and straightforward control solution centred around a single, reliable set-and-forget controller.

With DMX, DALI and a couple of convenient contact closures and relays all on board, Expert Control provides up to 1024 channels and is just the job for architectural lighting that requires the benefits of dynamic movement and colour in a cost-effective and user-friendly package.

Expert Software helps and guides you through programming the controller. Also available is a companion 5” touchscreen; the elegant Expert Touch, and completing the range are two accessories: Expert Repeat which is a convenient DMX splitter for output distribution, and Expert Switch for PoE networking. With the reliability you expect from Pharos and our expertise in dynamic lighting in architecture and entertainment: an easy to install, easy to use control solution.



One Controller

All you need in one stand-alone box. Up to 1024 channels of eDMX, two local DMX ports, a DALI port and two pairs of IO onboard with simple networking for programming. All in one compact, DIN rail mount enclosure and optional keyhole hanging, with solid-state hardware for 24/7 operation and reliability.

Straightforward Installation

Requiring just PoE or conveniently flexible 9-48V DC power range, with install-friendly rising-clamp connectors. Out-of-the-box, the test modes on the rotary dial select the output ports, and the push button allows raising and dimming levels for f ixture testing. Test mode and levels can even be maintained indefinitely as working lights before commissioning and programming occur. Rotary dial also provides four programmable override states.


Controllers available in one DMX universe (512 channel) and two DMX universe (1024 channel) capacities. Output over Ethernet to various eDMX lighting protocols, with two self-healing ports for convenient patching to local DMX512. Expert Repeat available for additional local DMX distribution. The DALI port supports control for up to 64 DALI devices, including device discovery and configuration.

Easy 10 Inegration

The two inputs / two outputs provide contact closure to interface with controls such as fire alarm systems and key-switch overrides. Receive DALI messages from other controllers such as wall panels or occupancy sensors.

Network Connectivity

Whatever suits your installation – from a single Ethernet cable direct to a laptop just for programming, or a static, closed network just for your lighting data, to the facility’s IT network for greater connectivity, or even to the Internet to connect via Pharos Cloud for fully secure remote access. Expert Switch available to provide an unmanaged network switch with PoE for Expert Control and Touch.

Remote Managment

The control you need in your browser – from anywhere. Pharos Controllers can be connected to Pharos Cloud, a secure remote management service from SixEye. This allows direct control of your Controllers from anywhere in the world, letting you check controller status, inputs and outputs, firing events, scheduling events, uploading new projects and much more.

Expert Software

Let Expert Software guide you through setting up and creating your lighting design, with helpers and clear, easy-to-follow processes. This desktop app is a brandnew programming platform, designed from scratch to give you just the tools you need, with innovative approaches to scheduling and triggering your lighting, based around an intuitive spaces-based approach which simplifies managing your installation, fixtures and lighting looks. And, it’s free for Windows and macOS.


Made for permanent installation, with installer-friendly connectors and easy DIN rail mounting. Hardware and firmware are self-sufficient, so no PC needs to be left on site. Compact unit designed for 24/7 operation and reliability.


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Pharos Expert Control
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