Martin MAC Encore Performance WRM

Martin MAC Encore Performance WRM

MAC Encore Performance WRM integrates cutting-edge LED technology with an innovative light engine engineered to generate full spectrum light with ultra-high color rendition. The feature-packed moving head offers 3000 K warm tungsten emulation. Its advanced color mixing system delivers the full palette from smooth and subtle pastels to rich and vibrant saturated colors. Moreover, it offers a fully variable color correction to blue/daylight.

The MAC Encore also features;

  • Framing Shutters
  • A true animation wheel with Multi-directional movement and indexing.
  • Five rotating glass gobos with next to zero focal separation from the framing system.
  • CMY color mixing plus Variable CTB—tungsten to daylight CCT control and colour wheel.
  • 1:4 zoom—precise and fast, silent zoom with auto- linked focus.
  • Electronic and shutter dimming.


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