LSC Mantra Lite Replay Unit

LSC Mantra Lite Replay Unit

The Mantra Mini takes the popular Mantra lite console and packages it as a DMX playback controller – ideal for house lights, pre-programmed stage lighting, building exteriors, trade show stands and many other uses.

Once programmed it can play cues at specific times of the day, everyday, on certain days of the week, or on particular date/s. Turn the shop lights on at 9am Mon-Sat and off at 6pm Mon-Fri & 12noon Sat. Make the lights green for St Patricks Day, or the colour of the winning football team after a big win.
The astronomical clock allows turning the lights on/off at sunrise/sunset, or anytime before/after with a simple time offset (e.g. Sunset + 30 minutes).

The Mantra Mini can also be remote controlled by UDP or OSC commands over ethernet. LSC will release ethernet PoE wallplates in early 2020 to allow simple control from multiple locations in a venue.

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