Helvar Thyristor Dimmer (455)

Helvar Thyristor Dimmer (455)

The DIGIDIM 455 Thyristor Dimmer (leading edge) is a 500 Watt, DALI-compatible Lamp Interface Unit for use in a DIGIDIM lighting control system.

The dimmer is a DIN-rail mounted unit that can control a maximum load of 500 W. It can be connected to mains voltage lamps directly, or to low voltage lamps via a wirewound transformer. The dimmer is provided with a status LED and a physical selection switch.

The LED provides status and fault indications, the physical selection switch is used to identify the device during system configuration.

Note: This unit does not contain a DALI power supply and therefore one must be incorporated elsewhere in the system.

  • Out-of-box operation. No programming required when using DIGIDIM slider, rotary or push button panels.
  • Input voltage and frequency fluctuation compensation ensures stable output levels with fluctuating incoming mains levels.
  • Over current and over temperature protection.
  • DIN-rail mounted and only 35 mm wide.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 35 × 90 × 58 mm




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